Future Finvest Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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Fair Practice Code


1.     Our Loan application forms including the Documents required to be submitted with the application form are comprehensive which can easily be understood and filled up by the Borrower.


2.     Proper acknowledgement is issued against receipt of loan application.


3. Loan applications are disposed off within a week’s time in case all the required information/documents along with application are submitted by the Borrower.


4. Sanction letter specifying detailed terms & conditions including annualized rate of interest is issued for each Loan sanctioned and the loan is disbursed only after the terms are accepted by the borrower.


5. An EMI schedule is prepared and supplied to each borrower.


6. The securities charged with Future Finvest Co. Pvt. Ltd. are released on repayment of full Loan amount with up-to-date interest and other charges, subject to any legitimate right or lien for any other claim which FFC may have against borrower.


7. Future Finvest Co. Pvt. Ltd. does not interfere in the affairs of the borrower except for the purposes provided in the terms & conditions incorporated in the loan agreement (unless new information, not earlier disclosed by the borrower, has come to the notice of FFC).


8. In the matter of Recovery of Loans, Future Finvest Co. Pvt. Ltd. does not resort to undue harassment i.e. persistently bothering the borrowers at odd hours, use of muscle power for recovery of Loans etc. There is appropriate Grievance Redressal Mechanism to resolve the disputes arising in this regard. The Managing Director of the company is authorized for resolving/disposing off the disputes arising in this regard and these are periodically reviewed by the Board of Directors from time to time.


9. Transparency is maintained regarding Rate of Interest and other Charges being levied on the borrower, which are based on Cost of Funds, Margin and Risk Premium etc. These are made available on the web-site of the Company or otherwise.


10. Our loan documents contain inbuilt provisions  regarding    repossession of vehicles financed by Future Finvest Co. Pvt. Ltd.


11. Future Finvest Co. Pvt. Ltd. ensures that KYC guidelines of Reserve Bank of India are complied with in case of each borrower as well as guarantors, as the case may be.


12. In case of Lending against Gold Jewellery, precautions are taken and proper procedure is followed for ascertaining quality, valuation and storage of Jewellery. In case of default by the borrower, there is a system for disposal/auction of gold jewellery for recovery of outstanding loan amount, interest and other charges, as approved by Board of Directors of Future Finvest Co. Pvt. Ltd.